Sunday, 22 July 2012

What's next?

I'm happy to report that Annexation is doing fine. It's no AngryBirds but those who tried it keep coming back. So I'm happy :)

So what's next?

Currently I have 3 interesting game ideas I'm thinking about. I've done some prototypes and I'm testing them out on whoever I can get my hands on. But no real work will begin till I get a clear winner.

Not to mention the fact that you like Annexation so much that you took the time to put reviews on the Marketplace. I wish to thank you so I'm working hard on the next update. So here's the list:

  • Multitask causes game to freeze - player has to click back/continue game (done)
  • Player's name fails to save properly (done)
  • Rendering isn't fast enough (done)
  • Player can't disable all move animations (done)
  • Ai isn't fast enough (in progress)
  • Ai isn't smart enough (in progress)
  • New start position options (in progress)

Working on improving the Ai is quite challenging but also rewarding! If I find the time I'll write a post that covers what has been done to improve the Ai.

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